Please Please Me
With The Beatles

A Hard Day's Night
Beatles For Sale

Rubber Soul


The Family Way [Paul]
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Magical Mystery Tour

Wonderwall [George]
The Beatles (The "White" EP)
John Lennon [John]
Paul McCartney [Paul]
George Harrison [George]
Ringo Starr [Ringo]
Two Virgins [John]

Yellow Submarine
Life With Lions [John]
Electronic Sound [George]
Abbey Road
The Wedding Album [John]
Live Peace in Toronto 1969 [John]

Plastic Ono Band [John & Yoko]
All Things Must Pass [George]
Beaucoups of Blues [Ringo]
Let It Be

Through Many Years
Ram [Paul]
Imagine [John]
Wild Life [Paul]

Concert For Bangla Desh [George]
Sometime In New York City [John]

Out The Blue
Band On The Run [Paul]

Goodnight Vienna [Ringo]
Dark Horse [George]
Walls and Bridges [John]

Rock 'n' Roll [John]

Wings At The Speed Of Sound [Paul]
Rock 'n' Roll Music
Rotogravure [Ringo]
Thirty Three & 1/3 [George]
Wings Over America [Paul]

Live! At The Star Club
Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Ringo The 4th [Ringo]

London Town [Paul]
Bad Boy [Ringo]

George Harrison [George]
Back To The Egg [Paul]

Double Fantasy [John]

Lennon & McCartney [John & Paul]
Somewhere In England [George]
Stop And Smell The Roses [Ringo]

Tug Of War [Paul]
Gone Troppo [George]

Old Wave [Ringo]
Pipes Of Peace [Paul]

Give My Regards To Broad Street [Paul]

Live In New York City
Press To Play [Paul]
Menlove Avenue [John]

Cloud Nine [George]

Imagine: John Lennon (Music From The Film) [John]
Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 [George]

Starr Struck [Ringo]
Flowers In The Dirt [Paul]

Ringo and His All-Starr Band [Ringo]
Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3 [George]
Tripping The Live Fantastic [Paul]

Unplugged - The Official Bootleg [Paul]
Choba B CCCP [Paul]
Liverpool Oratorio [Paul]

Live In Japan [George]

Off The Ground [Paul]
Ringo And His All-Starr Band Vol. 2 Live From Montreux [Ringo]

Live At The BBC

Anthology 1

Anthology 2
Anthology 3
Anthology Highlights

Oobu Joobu - Ecology [Paul]
Flaming Pie [Paul]
Ringo and His Third All-Starr Band Vol.1 [Ringo]
Standing Stone [Paul]

Vertical Man [Ringo]
Rushes [Paul]
VH1 Story Tellers
Anthology [John]

Yellow Submarine Songtrack
Run Devil Run [Paul]
Working Classical [Paul]