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If you keep coming back here to read and/or re-read the story, thank you. If you check in now and then hoping for new posts or updates, I'm sorry. I look at this site as a story or novel in audio form. I finished the story and moved on (although I'm still working on a proper Anthology 4). I have not abandoned the site. I still respond to comments and update links when needed. I also will correct any grammar issues I find that I missed the first time around and generally tidy up a bit. So feel free to leave a comment or say hi.

I also have not given up on my little hobby here. My focus has just broadened some. Inspired by other Fantasy Album Constructors I have been posting some of my non-Beatles (and some Beatles) constructions at my other blog What If Misc. I've managed so far to post weekly and will continue to do so until the ideas stop.

Thanks for listening/reading

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I have taken all of the links and consolidated them on the Download page above. Easier to update when needed. Get them while they last.


In order to create a believable scenario wherein the Beatles did not break up in April 1970 and would allow believable 70s Beatles albums to be constructed from the solo albums, I have created an alternate time line that diverges from our reality at the time of the White album which becomes four solo albums and re-converges around 1981. In this time line the Beatles continue to record together as a group as well as solo throughout most of the 70s. This site examines these albums and the affects they had on the solo output of the individual band members.

Each album description is divided into two or three sections. The first section gives the back-story to the album and the track list. The second section describes any editing done to each song and the source of the song if it came from an unofficial source. The third section when applicable rates the Beatles Believability Index (BBI) of the album as a Beatles project and cites any songs that strengthen that believability. Please feel free to comment and give your own BBI ratings.

What this is not

This is not an attempt to recompile every solo song onto a Beatles album. These are not collections of my favorite solo songs masquerading as Beatles albums. This is an honest attempt to construct believable Beatles albums from the available solo material.

I did not speculate how an album release may have charted or what songs may have been used as singles beyond those that were already released as solo singles (which stay solo singles in most cases). I also refrained from trying to second guess the Fabs themselves as to how a song might have differed due to actual collaboration.

I used my own preferences and reasoning for the material included on these compilations. Due to personal tastes, if you decide to play this game on your own, your results may vary.


I'm sure many reading this will be thinking "What's the point?" among other comments. And while I enjoy each of these compilations, when it comes to loading them on my mp3 player I prefer the White Album to the '68 solo albums or I just leave Ringo's album off. I also load the official solo albums rather than the reconstructed albums. I do load the 70s Beatles albums and the Lennon & McCartney album because it's nice to hear the lads playing together even if it is an illusion.

What this means is that this is in no way an attempt to rewrite history in a way that I feel it should have happened. It is only an exercise in which the goal was to take what we have and create a believable alternative chain of events and how it affected their musical output. I am in no way dissatisfied with what we have and how things really happened. Not always happy when you are aware of the many close calls and could have happens that did occur, especially between '73 and '77. I'm sure you've heard some of the stories.

You can view this blog three ways. The first way is to just read it straight through. The second is to just read the backstory by clicking the link on the right or by clicking here. The third is to just view the fantasy albums by again clicking on the link on the right or by clicking here.

There is a list of similar projects listed on the right side of this page.

I did this for fun and enjoyed it every step of the way. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I did creating them. I have used many pictures that I have found around the internet. If you recognize a picture as your own work and wish to have it removed or give you credit (I forget where I get these things), send me a message and I will. All album final artwork are my own efforts but again, some pictures may have come from somewhere else.


GiDelGi said...

I noticed you took down the article that inspired this whole thing. I remember loving to read it. Do you still have it somewhere?

GiDelGi said...

Thank you again for putting up the article. However, I'm also interested in what tools you used. You don't have to post it in the main entry, I know you're interested in brevity, I'd just like to use the tools for projects of my own.

UncaDan said...

Here's an edited version of the original post.

The program I use is called Audio Cleaning Lab 10 by Magix. I believe I am many versions behind but that's okay. You can find this program in the stores for around $50US. Sometimes you can find an earlier version for less at discount stores. You can also buy direct from the website or download a trial version as well.

This program is nice because it is designed to import or record audio from many sources and clean, edit, set and remove track markers and process that audio before burning it to a CD. You can apply EQ, play with the stereo to mono ratio as well as remove tape hiss and album pops and clicks.

On the downside, this program is not professional studio grade equipment. That said, the quality is not bad and for personal enjoyment it is more than adequate and easy to use.

Robert Hull said...

When will you put the links back up?These are great albums, and I would love to be able to have copies--not sure I can create them as well as you have. Thank you!
--Robert Hull

Uncle Dan said...

I'm working on it now. Will still be a few days. I want to upload all files first before posting links.

I use 4Shared for my file sharing. Not because they are the most friendly or easiest site to use but for the simple reason that they do not delete files for inactivity. As this is a hobby I will not pay for a service so if anybody wants to mirror these or even share them elsewhere, go ahead.

I am also in the slow process of making a sister site on Google Sites which allows for a more flexible browsing experience and the inclusion of non-Beatles projects. Check out the work-in-progress at

GiDelGi said...

I'm backing up all of them to Mega if you want the links, Dan. :)

UncaDan said...

Thanks, please post the links or send them to me. Post them here or anywhere else and I'll add them to the proper posts.

jayzee2001 said...


awesome project! any chance you'll upload these again in the (near) future?