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1968 - Paul McCartney

Like John, Paul utilized the others for much of the basic tracks that that appeared on his album. Unlike John, once those basic tracks were done he often took a DIY approach to finishing his songs. Two songs (Blackbird and Junk) are complete solo efforts and a few others only feature one or two of the others. Paul also covered a much wider range of styles than John or George. The end result is surprisingly cohesive and personal.

1. Los Paranoias
2. Birthday
3. Why Don't We Do It In The Road
4. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
5. Blackbird
6. Back In The USSR
7. Rocky Raccoon
8. I Will

9. Honey Pie
10. Helter Skelter
11. Junk
12. Wild Honey Pie
13. Martha My Dear
14. Mother Nature's Son
15. The Way You Look Tonight

Reality Notes:

  • Track 1 - although a mix is available on Anthology 3, it is very short. The full take can be found on the bootleg Turn Me On Dead Man-The John Barrett Tapes and is several minutes long. I used this take but I did some minor editing to take out some repetitive ad-libs then faded it out early to make the track 1:25 long.
  • Track 3 - I edited the first 30 seconds of the Esher demo onto the front of the album version extending it to 2:10.
  • Track 4 - I used the version that I think can be found on Anthology 3 but I used a mix found on Ultra Rare Tracks Vol 3. The version found on The Beatles (AKA The White Album) is a remake recorded a day or two after this version.
  • Track 5 - Tough call on this one as most takes available sound almost the same. I went with the take found on Anthology 3 which sounds just like the album version with minor differences in the guitar and does not have the bird sounds but the album version would have been just as good. And to be honest I kind of miss the bird sounds.
  • Track 6 - used the album version but had to fade the jet noise at the end which on the album runs into Dear Prudence.
  • Track 10 - Album version but preceded it with the "When I was i robber..." dialog that precedes an earlier take of Hey Jude found on Anthology 3. I also left off the "Blisters on my fingers" ending and saved that for later.
  • Track 11 - I edited together the two versions found on McCartney released in 1970. I did this by taking the first 30 seconds of the instrumental version and cutting it just before the electric guitar starts and put that at the front of the vocal version then before the fade out I put the rest of the instrumental version on the end and started fading that out after about 30 seconds. This extends the song to 3:05.
  • Track 15 - this is a fragment from the I Will session where Paul combines elements from this song and I Will, I then segue this into Can You Take Me Back from the same session utilizing a fuller version found on the John Barrett Tapes bootleg starting it at the same place as the album version but letting it go on a little longer before fading. I then tacked on the Helter Skelter "Blisters on my fingers" ending to the end.

The challenge in creating this disc was stretching it out to reasonable length. I did this by editing multiple takes together and digging up unreleased songs to flesh it out to just over 37 minutes long.

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